Common Types of Homes

Victoria Amedee/ October 24, 2020/ Real Estate/

If you are shopping for a home, you will realize that the process is not as easy as it first seemed. You can have an idea of the kind of home you would want to buy, only to realize that the market offers different options. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can always find something much like it or what you want. For starters, offers some decent living units. Besides apartments, there are other types of homes. Here is an overview of different types of houses that you might encounter when shopping for a home.home units

Single Family Homes

Single-family homes are free-standing homes that are not attached to other buildings. In light of this fact, the owner usually has the entire living space for their family. Other attributes that define single-family homes include a private entrance and exit, no shared utilities, and a single owner. These living units appeal to buyers who need some privacy level that is often lacking in other units such as apartments.

Condominium and Apartments

Condos and apartments are characterized by multiple addresses with the same units. In light of this fact, the residents share the utilities and the costs of running these facilities. These units share many similarities in terms of living experience. The only difference between an apartment and a condominium stems from ownership. Different owners usually own condos, but apartments are singly owned.


Duplexes or semi-detached homes are quite common in cities. These units are divided into two separate units within the same plot. Each unit mirrors the other in that each resident has a different entrance and address. These are great alternatives to a single-family home in terms of privacy. Also, buying them can help you get some rental income, which might come in handy when paying off your mortgage.

Laneway Homes

Laneway homes are a modified version of single-family homes. However, these homes to be a lot smaller and occupy roughly the same space as a garage door would. However, these homes are not sold as single units but as part of a larger home. These units are ideal for homeowners looking for some rental income.  apartment complex

There are many other options to consider as far as home ownership goes. As far as buying homes go, always pay attention to your individual preferences, and of course, your budget.